Microsoft License Agreement at BSU


The purpose of this policy is to notify members of the BSU community details of the most recent Microsoft License Agreement and clarify what is allowed for use on home equipment for work purposes.

Policy Statement

This agreement allows BSU faculty and staff who use computers at work to load licensed Microsoft software on their home computers for work use according to the guidelines provided below.

Applies to

Bridgewater State University faculty, staff, and administrators


Bridgewater State University has a license agreement with Microsoft Corporation providing University employees and students access to Microsoft's most popular computer software, including Operating System, Office, FrontPage, and Publisher.

Products Covered by the Microsoft License Agreement

  • PC Software Applications
    • Office 2003 Professional (Includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Outlook)
    • FrontPage 2003
    • Publisher 2003
    • Visual Studio.Net Professional
  • PC Operating Systems
    • Windows XP Professional

Installing any software can be complicated, and installing operating system software requires specific expertise and special caution. While the Microsoft Campus Agreement does include these specific titles, we recommend that you contact professional service in your area for assistance.

Licensing Terms

The Microsoft License Agreement is an annual license for the products listed above. There is no right to perpetual use of copies of software obtained under this agreement and no right to use the software if the agreement is not renewed or terminated at any time by Bridgewater State University or by Microsoft.

Faculty and staff may install the programs on one home PC and may not lend the software to non-BSU faculty or employees. By installing the software at home, users are agreeing to un-install these programs should their employment at BSU end.

Who is Eligible to Load the Products on Personal Computers

Under the Microsoft License agreement, all BSU faculty and staff that use computers at work are eligible to use the products on personally owned computers at home. Microsoft requires that those who do not use a computer at work may not take the software home.

Getting Software for Home Use

Faculty/staff who wish to install Microsoft products on home computers may purchase the media at the University bookstore for a nominal fee. Software may also be downloaded from on campus at

If you have questions, contact IT Support Services at 508.531.2555 or


Title: Microsoft License Agreement at BSU
Approved By: Pat Cronin, Chief Information Officer
Approval Date: January 2001
Date of Last Revision: February 23, 2011
Policy Category: Information Technology Division

Last Modified: February 23, 2011