Hardware Support Policy

Bridgewater is primarily a PC environment utilizing standards that enable us to purchase and support equipment centrally, to benefit from volume purchasing discounts, and to provide faster and easier maintenance. Apple computers receive limited support on our network, and they comprise less than five percent of our population.

In general, Information Technology recommends buying a Intel-based personal computer fast enough to run not only current software but to provide long-lasting value.

Recommended Hardware

These recommendations apply to the purchasing of computer equipments for the majority of University users. Any deviation from these recommendations should be treated as a special request on a case-by-case basis.

Faculty/Staff Tablet (minimum configurations)

  • Intel Core 2 Duo processor
  • 3 GB main memory
  • 250 GB 5400rpm hard drive
  • DVD+/-RW optical drive
  • Integrated 10/100/1000 wired network adapter
  • Integrated 802.11a/g/n wireless network adapter

Faculty/Staff Laptop

  • Dell Latitude E6420
  • Intel Core i5-2410 2.30 GHz processor
  • 4 GB (2-2048MB modules) main memory
  • 250GB 7200rpm Serial ATA hard drive
  • 512 MB video memory
  • DVD+/-RW optical drive
  • Integrated 10/100/1000 wired network adapter
  • Integrated 802.11a/g/n wireless network adapter
  • Integrated Webcam
  • Black color option

Faculty/Staff Desktop

  • Dell OptiPlex 790 desktop form factor
  • Intel Core i3-2100 3.10 GHz processor
  • 4 GB (2-2048MB modules) main memory
  • 250 GB 7200rpm Serial ATA hard drive
  • 512 MB video memory
  • DVD+/-RW optical drive
  • Integrated 10/100/1000 wired network adapter

Minimum Hardware Standard

  • 2.0 GHz processor
  • 1 GB main memory
  • 80 GB 5400rpm hard drive
  • CD-RW/DVD optical drive
  • Integrated 10/100 wired network adapter
  • Integrated 802.11a/g wireless network adapter

Please note that the recommended hardware changes frequently. This document will be updated to reflect those changes as necessary.

Purchasing Hardware

Information Technology reviews, purchases and maintains all standard computer equipment on campus. If a department chooses to purchase additional equipment then it may receive limited support. Purchasing of computer hardware is funneled through the Support Services department to insure that equipment meets the standards in order to be connected to the campus network and supported by our technical staff. Where appropriate and possible, volume discounts, higher education discounts, and other price reductions will be sought in support of this policy.

Clearly, special cases arise where standard solutions are not appropriate. Our sole aim is to ensure that the most appropriate purchases are made to enable you to meet your requirements in the most cost-effective way. Members of BSU faculty and staff are welcome to call Information Technology to make an appointment with a staff member to discuss their needs for software and hardware at any time. Please involve us at the early planning stage if at all possible.

Purchasing Process

If a department has approval to purchase equipment out of their budgets, Information Technology staff will assist the department with needs analysis, vendor selection and equipment specification. The department will be responsible for completing the purchase order.

Delivery of New Equipment

When a new computer is purchased by IT or by another department, the equipment should be shipped to the operations center which also receives a copy of the invoice, and the purchase authorization form. Using these documents, information about the new computer is added to the database of University owned property. This database is the master list of University computer equipment. After the database entry, the equipment will be tagged and prepared for delivery. The tag will specify whether the equipment was purchased and will be supported by IT. You will be contacted by an Support Services staff member to make arrangements for delivery.

Disposing Of Old Computers

All hardware purchased with University funds is the property of the University. If a new computer is replacing phased-out equipment, Support Services staff will dispose of old equipment. To dispose of old equipment contact the Call Center at extension 2555. Please note that Support Services follows state guidelines to dispose of old University owned equipment.

Repairing Supported Hardware

Support Services is responsible for repairing supported hardware. If you need service, please contact the Call Center at extension 2555 and describe the symptoms. When you make the call to report the problem, please be prepared to provide the BSU tag number which indicates both the University ownership and the warranty or maintenance agreement the computer is under. The problem will then be assigned to an appropriate staff member and logged into the ITS tracking software.

Support Services staff will make every effort to resolve the problem as soon as possible but at times it might take longer than anticipated due to parts shortage or unforeseen problems. If available, Support Services will loan another computer or the part needed until the equipment is repaired. Please note that this service is available when and if Support Services has the part or a PC to loan.

Hardware Support Policy & List

Full Support

Information Technology will fully support hardware if it has a BSU tag number (indicating it is owned by the University). For this category, Support Services staff will develop expertise to provide a full range of support which includes ordering new parts and contacting outside maintenance vendors when needed.

No Support

If the equipment is owned by the University but not included in our supported list, the user must call the manufacturer or the vendor to request service. Equipment not owned by the University or not part of the inventory process is not supported, I.E. equipment without an inventory tag isn't supported. Support refers to repair of the equipment. Some equipment that is not part of the inventory process and is purchased by a department may include PDAs, digital cameras, scanners and desk jet printers. These items would be the responsibility of the department. We strongly recommend buying a maintenance contract for these items.

Hardware List - Full Support

  • IBM Compatible Computers
    All Dell PCs running Windows 2000 or Windows XP

  • Macintosh Computers
    All PowerMacs running OS X

  • Printers
    All HP departmental networked Laser Jet Printers purchased by Information Technology.

Moving Computer Equipment

To move equipment please follow the guidelines listed below.

Before Moving Day

To request a computer move, you need to fill out the on-line form. Please be aware that a seven day notice is required and that if a new jack is needed it may take longer than seven days to fill the request.

The Day Before the Move

Make a backup of your important documents or data on your hard drive.

Moving Day

  1. Shut off equipment and then unplug it.

  2. Label the computer with your name and target room number.

  3. An appropriate Support Services staff will meet you or department secretary at the time specified to move the equipment and set it up for you.

After the Move

If you have questions or problems, contact the Call Center at extension 2555.

Loaner Laptop Protocols

Information Technology maintains a limited number of laptops designated as "loaners." These laptops range from current year models to those that are a few years old. These laptops are intended to be used for University-related business and academic duties. The borrower must present a valid BSU connect card upon receipt of a loaner laptop. The borrower must read and sign the BSU Notebook Agreement Form.

The laptop computers can be loaned out for a maximum of two weeks. If a faculty or staff member requires a laptop for an extended period of time (such as an entire semester), then those faculty/staff members should contact IT to pursue exchanging their desktop computer for a laptop computer before submitting a request for a long-term laptop loaner.

Faculty/Staff members must provide IT with 24-hour notice if they are going to reserve a laptop, otherwise one will not be available. Reservations can be made through the IT Equipment Loaner web site - http://it.bridgew.edu/Support/equipment.cfm. Laptops are loaned out through the Maxwell Library Notebook Counter Monday thru Friday during normal 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. business hours.

Undergraduate students are only eligible for a loaner when their in-program laptop is being repaired. These will be issued on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Graduate students are eligible for a loaner if requested by a faculty member. The faculty member should provide IT with the number of laptops being requested, the names of all students, and the reservation date being requested. This request should be submitted a minimum of 3 business days prior to the requested date, otherwise the laptops will not be available. In addition, our supply of loaner laptops is limited, so Faculty members should be advised to provide as much advanced notice as possible. Once the laptops have been prepared for pick-up, the Faculty member will be contacted so that he/she can send the students to the Maxwell Library Notebook Counter to sign out the loaners.

Files stored on a loaner laptop are the user's responsibility. After a loaner laptop is returned by the user, the files will be immediately deleted from the laptop.

Last Modified: January 14, 2013